Lowrider Shades are Available!

What's up people! It's been a minute since i posted on here. For that, I apologize. I've been a busy, busy man. I've had quite a bit happen in the last year. Another baby on the way, New Job, and still workin on my comic, though I've taken a break from the web comic. I really want to get Nancy Nitro done in print, cuz print still rocks. Later I will release the digital version, but after I've got a few issues done.

I'd like to share with you guys a project I did last year for Lowrider Shades. It's weird to see it all done, I almost forgot about it, to tell the truth. But, that's the way it is in the apparel/consumer goods industry. You do stuff, forget about it, then you end up seeing it at the mall, or online a year later ;)