Work In Progress...

Here is a piece i'm working on with all my favorite heroes/cartoon characters.. gonna be a good time :) I plan on making this one super awesome... i'll keep you posted!!!

- Dayne


Daily 10

Okay okay... so i missed a day. There are no excuses.

Done with a wacom tablet in Sketchbook pro in about 15 minutes.



Daily sketch 9

Another one for you guys... this one was done in about 10 minutes on the Cintiq, in sketchbook pro. Just a little exercise to warm up the hands and brain before i get heavy into the work.

I got some crazy stuff in the works, so stay tuned! See you guys tomorrow ;)

Keep Drawing!!

- Dayne


Daily Sketch 8

THought I forgot, didn't you? Admit it!!! It's all good... i almost did.

This one only took aobut 25-30 minutes... had a TON of work to do. Didn't really have too much time to do it up...

Done in a Moleskine with the usual red pencil and Fabercastell pen set...

Thanks for viewing... be back tomorrow!

- Dayne


Daily Sketch 7

Had fun drawing this one... it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, so I got to just play around with lines and the brush pen.

Took about an hour... red pencil and fabercastell pen in a moleskine sketchbook.

Thanks for viewing!

- Dayne


Daily sketch 6

Again with the postage! I plan on doing this every day, so get used to it ;)

This one took about 35-45 minutes, done with red pencil and Fabercastell Pen. I struggled big time with it, I just didn't think too much about the lines that I threw done... just warming up the hands. That's the point of these pieces, to get the bad stuff OUT.

Thanks for viewing I shall return tomorrow...

- Dayne


Comic Page sneak

Thought I'd give you guys a sneak peek at another comic I'm working on... more on this soon!

- Dayne

daily sketch 5

Another one my friends... This one doesn't make too much sense. I just thought about the scene from Back to the Future, the one where Marty says he's Darth Vader from Planet Vulcan... and drew this. It was fun :D

Done with Fabercastell Pens and copic gray marker in a Moleskine sketchy book...

Thanks for viewing!


daily sketch 4

Better late than never. Don't ask what this is about. Just warming up the hands.


Daily Sketch 3

Another sketch done in my moleskine sketchbook... looks like the mean green is too slow for spidey!

Done with Sienna FaberCastell pens and red pencil.

Thanks for viewing!

- Dayne


Morning Stretches

What's happenin people... here's one I did this morning to warm up the hands and brain. Done in my moleskine sketchbook, with Fabercastell markers and Red Pencil... Touch-ups and halftones in photoshop.

Here, Spidey owes everyone money. He's trying his best to escape... looks like Dead pool MIGHT have dibbs.

- Dayne


Getting the day started


Part of what gets me going for the day is the warmup sketches. Why are they important? For a couple of reasons:

1. Get all the BAD stuff out
I read somewhere that you have 10,000 BAD drawings in you... after that, you start churning out some good ones. This is kind what it's like for me in the morning, or just before I get to the heavy work. I have to let my brain filter out the bad stuf, because I often go for a pose or a face or something, and it looks like I drew it in the 3rd grade. Sometimes the drawing is on 4th grade level. But anyway, I do this for about 45 minutes or so. Sometimes, I stretch it to 90 minutes... then I'm ready for anything!

2. Sets the tone for the day
When you warm up, you kind of feel good about what you're doing. At least, that's how I feel. If I go straight to something, I get frustrated and I get bored. After I've stuck with the warm up, loosening up my hands and clearing the fog from my brain, the rest of the day is a little easier. 9 times out of ten, the day won't be filled with self loathing, and a pile of crumpled paper (this works for digital art too, by the way).

Anyway, hope that helps! It helps me.

Thanks for viewing!


Warmin up some mo

it's me again. Day 2 withe the postage! How awesome is that?

This one is done with Sketchbook Pro and the Cintiq (my FAVORITE tool and program). This is a panel for my upcoming comic... stay tuned!


Morning Warmups

Nothing like getting the day started with some warmup sketches. I don't know why I don't do these more often, they really help set up a nice tone for my workday.

These were done in Sketchbook Pro with a Cintiq... enjoy!