BLINK-182 at The Wiltern | November 12, 2013 Poster

I had a really good time on this piece. I knew instantly that I wanted to do something Comicbook-ish... and the idea of a couple of bunnies beating down a giant Audio-Tortoise was too fun to NOT draw.

Here's how I approached the piece:

The thumbnail was just a quick idea of what I wanted the layout to be. I wanted a wide print, 36" wide by 12" tall. Haven't added any text or anything just yet, but left  enough space to add that stuff in later.

Once I had the general idea down, I got out an 11x17 sheet of Bristol, and just started drawing.

Inks were done digitally, using Manga Studio 5 and some mega-pimp Frenden Brushes. The closest feel to traditional, easily. With the pencils, I only had one bunny attacking the tortoise, so I quicky mocked up a couple of more fighting hares to get in on the action to fill up those dead spaces.

Added the colors in, didn't want to get too crazy with them. I think they popped just enough though.

Lastly, added all the important info, date, time, etc.

And there you have it, another poster! This one was great to work on because it really felt like working on a comic (and I LOVE comics). Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did!

Before I go, make sure you all check out Inside the Rock Poster Frame for any info on poster drops, events, etc. Gary is the man behind it, and he's got the most up to date blog for all that stuff. Check him out! Also I'd like to thank Mr Tsurt, and of course the one and only Blink-182. Really enjoy working on stuff for them. Oh and of course In House Stickers for some Bad Ass Prints! These guys are nothing short of amazing, they knock it out of the park every time.

Till Next Time!!

Dayne "Romidion" Henry