What's happenin' people! This one is for the new "Sketch Nite" or... I might call it something else. Basically it's a get-together of local artists who love to do their thing. I don't really know how to put it together, but I just want a mad-cool environment for artists to be in while they do what they do best. There's no set skill level or anything, just... art. I'm gonna have some movies, some music, refreshments... I also want people to learn a little somethin' from it and be encouraged to just keep on creating. I'm open to any suggestions, so if you got 'em, hit me up!

- Dayne


My Car...


Just thought you guys would like to see some pics of my car... I did up the graphics in Illustrator, and my company Attraction Industries installed it. Check out the Attraction blog here:


The official Attraction Industries website will be up and running soon! So if you guys would want a little somethin' on your ride, or if you need Shirts, Flyers, whatever, then be on the look out... I'll keep you guys posted.


- Dayne


"The Battle For Romidion" (Work In Progress)


What's up people! Got a new one in the works. This one is titled, "The Battle For Romidion". I was feelin' the urge to start on something epic... I'll post up the final as soon as it's finished. I'll also keep you posted on some of the other stuff I've been working on. Keep checkin' back people... peace!

- Dayne "Romidion" henry


More Progress...


What's goin on people... just checkin' in with some progress on that piece. Haven't had a whole lotta time in it since yesterday, just a few details here and there. More comin' your way... stay tuned my friends...

- Dayne "Romidion"




What's up people! Worked a little bit on that piece I was tellin y'all about on the previous post... I tweaked a few things on it, mainly that kid that was on the left side of the page. I plan on making this one pretty insane... stay tuned!

- Dayne


Work In progress...


For some reason, I've been stuck on this little sketch. I remember doing it a while back on a torn piece of scrap paper... I wanna do something with it. I'll keep u guys posted as I go along... Got a lot of things in the works for a new gallery, I'll keep you guys posted on that as well.

Has anyone read "Kick Ass" by Marvel? Maybe one of the funniest damn books I ever read... If you haven't read it, you MUST. They already got two issues out right now. Madly funny stuff y'all. Check it out. Peace!