Sorry mickey

So... Felicia needs to eat. Mickey thought he could just coast, hidy-ho-ing his neighbors and what not.  Happens to stroll by Felicia, who just lost her gig as a dancer at the night club. She has been surviving off of cup noodles w/shrimp, has an expensive car payment... you get the idea. She's hurtin, and hungry. Mickey couldn't have picked a worse day to leave his hole.

Done on 8.5x11 cardboard stock, pen and ink w/white pencil.

Original Art is Available HERE for purchase



Man I LOVE drawing this character. So well designed. This piece was mad fun to work on. I'm starting to play around more with traditional media, taking a break from that dang computer!!! I still gotta use one at work, but when I want to wind down and relax, this seems to do the trick.

You can pick up this original piece HERE at my store!



This dude is always lookin angry. You could take this guy to Disneyland, or any other happy place and do you think he'd crack a smile? Hellz naw. Sure is fun to draw though.

Did this one on 11x17 Cardboard Stock, with pen and ink and white colored pencil.

It's for sale at my store HERE if you wanna own some original art!!

- Dayne