The Table 2-29-12

 Yo Yo! Here's a look at my messy a$$ pencils. I accepted the fact that my pencils aint clean... actually, I accepted that I'm a little lazy and don't have a lot of patience. So... probably shouldn't draw comic, huh? Well.. I'm gonna. I gotta.

Done with a lead holder (2H lead), not sure how long. A TON of erasing.

- Dayne


THE TABLE 2-28-12 PART 2

Yo yo yo. This one is a little somethin for the graffheads... but everyone can dig on it ;) Had fun doing this one, gonna be one dope shirt!

Done with blue pencil, brush pen and ink. Took a little while.

I'll post the final tee shirt art when I'm done... and you can order one :D
- Dayne

TheTable 2-28-12

Today's post is a panel from Nancy Nitro, my web comic. Comics are hard, so... ya. Anyways, having a lot of fun with it, but sometimes I find myself rushing my work when I should be enjoying it. Rushing art often results in crap. So don't rush your stuff.

Done with pencil and Ink... I'll post the final page when you guys read this mofo!

- Dayne


The Table 2-27-12

 Yo yo! What up people? Can you tell me who this dude is? Well in case you don't, it's Gwildor from that incredibly terrible movie that ruined my childhood "Masters of the Universe", where Dolph Lundren played He-Man. Well, after Gwildor played in that horroble flick, he started a rap career with Cash Dolla Hustla records. His rap name was "Gweezy".

Done with pen and ink, on some regular ol' copy paper. Hit me up if you want this piece ;)

- Dayne


The Table 2-26-12

 Welcome back! This is day 2 of my table top madness, where i post my goods in progress for the day. This one is of my character Cas, from Audio Barrage.  Cas is a tape-headed bad ass, and you'll be seeing a LOT of this dude very soon.

Done with Pen and Brush.

- Dayne "Romidion" Henry


The Table 2-24-12


Hey guys! I will be posting some snippets everyday of the stuff I've been working on. I'm incredibly lazy with the scans, plus, my scanner sucks. These are from yesterday and today...

pencil and pen on bristol.

- Dayne


The Battle Part 1 of 4


Hello friends! Today I'm going to share something awesome with you. Would you guys like to see? OooKay! (In my DJ Lance impersonation voice).

I will be showing you guys how I do a piece, from sketch to completion. And what better way to show such a process than the 2 kids shows that have influenced little ones all across the world. Granted, Sesame Street has been around since before most of us were even thought of, but Yo Gabba Gabba is holding it's own in the place of little hearts.

Basically, I've always wanted to see Sesame Street and Yo Gabba Gabba go at it, Capcom style. So, I sketched it up, and I'm going to show you guys how I do it, in 4 steps. From loose sketch, to tightened pencils, Final touches with Illustrator inks and colors. I hope you guys will enjoy this one!

- Dayne


5DA2 - 3 Strangely Odd Broad

Yo! It's day 3, and I've been incredibly busy... hence the late postage. This one is kind of a play on one I did a while back, called Intruder (the one with the guy stealing the TV)... I liked the pose on the girl, but i didn't add any details or anything. So on this one I wanted to give her a bit more details and all that jazz.

Got some CRAZY stuff coming in the next few days.. enjoy! 

- Daynesketches



Well alright! It's Day 2 of the 5 Days of Awesome. Feelin good, people. Today's piece is of everyone's favorite hot head, wolverine. This one was done in about 45 minutes, had to warm up my brain before i got down to bidniss.

Photoshop CS5 and Intuos 4 (man I miss my cintiq).

- Dayne


5 Days of Awesome 2: #1 Vader Vs Hayato

What up People! I'm back with another round of... 5 DAYS OF AWESOME!!! Just like the first series, I'll be doing some random stuff. Could be some popular characters, could be my own creations... whatevs. Either way, they'll be comin to ya analog or digital, whatever i feel like using at the moment :D

Anyways, the first of the series is Hayato Vs Vader. Had a lot of fun with this one, done with messy pencils and bristol board, 11x14.

See you tomorrow!

- Dayne

UPDATE: Made some adjustments in photoshop... though I'm feelin the pencil lines better.

- Dayne