The Battle Part 1 of 4

Hello friends! Today I'm going to share something awesome with you. Would you guys like to see? OooKay! (In my DJ Lance impersonation voice).

I will be showing you guys how I do a piece, from sketch to completion. And what better way to show such a process than the 2 kids shows that have influenced little ones all across the world. Granted, Sesame Street has been around since before most of us were even thought of, but Yo Gabba Gabba is holding it's own in the place of little hearts.

Basically, I've always wanted to see Sesame Street and Yo Gabba Gabba go at it, Capcom style. So, I sketched it up, and I'm going to show you guys how I do it, in 4 steps. From loose sketch, to tightened pencils, Final touches with Illustrator inks and colors. I hope you guys will enjoy this one!

- Dayne


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