I Heart Monsters: Digital Artist Magazine

Hey people! Today is the day a tutorial of mine is published in Digital Artist Magazine! It's also my birthday :D You can send gifts, toys, money, etc. to this address: Just kidding.

But really, I'm honored to be in Issue 8 of Digital Artist Magazine.
The tutorial featured is on how to use Sketchbook Pro and some of it's features, and I had alot of fun working on it! I got to draw a chick and monsters (one of my favorite subjects), and setting up the tutorial was a cool experience.

Check out the Magazine's website here: http://www.digitalartistdaily.com

I believe it's on sale in the UK today. Don't know when it hits stands in the US or anywhere else... but if you're in the UK, pick one up! Learn a thing or two or three :)


- Dayne "Romidion" Henry


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  2. Man, I gotta learn sketchbook pro. Solid piece man!

  3. got a copy just now. really good piece of tutorial!

    -from Malaysia ;P


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