New Stuff!!!

Yes, it's true. I've got some new stuff to show ya... sorry I haven't been posting my friends! I plan on keeping it steady. No really, I do. In the meantime, enjoy the uploaded goodness...

This first one is inspired by TekkonKinkreet, a really cool anime. Now I know what everyone's talkin' about! Just watched it not too long ago. I drew the characters my way, and added in everyone's favorite little girl that's never seen the light of day... Nancy Nitro!

The second one is a piece I did for Attraction Industries. It don't make no sense, but it was fun to draw! Check out some Sketch Videos HERE.

Thanks for tunin' in people... more coming soon!!

- Dayne


  1. Hot damn Dayne these are great! I love the rendering treatment of the second image. Excellent post. :)

  2. Thanks Jon! Keep on doing your thing man... stuff looks Great!


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