Artist Spotlight 1

What's up everybody! I still have yet to post something new... I apologize:/ Today's post, however, is about some good buddies of mine, who are phenomenal artists. The first person I actually share a blog with... though it's actually become his show. The dude posts like a madman, his name is Dennis Salvatier, aka, "The D". You can check out his awesomeness Here.

The next person is Jon McConnell... dude's got mad style. You can check out his stuff Here.

And I shall be posting soon. I'm actually working on my comic, NANCY NITRO!! No, really, I am...

I'll update soon people. Stay Tuned...

- Dayne Henry


  1. Looking forward to some Nitro Dayne, anf thanks for the heads up on the "The D" and Jon's blogs.


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