"The Battle for Romidion" Update...

It's been about, oh, A YEAR sicne I've even looked at this piece, but I've always liked it... it MUST be finished!!! I'm gonna finish this one soon, I feel bad neglecting it. It never did anything wrong to me to make me treat it this way... anyways, this piece will be submitted into the Porta Illustratus Art Show at Attraction Industries... I should have some more information about the gallery and submissions, etc. So if you're interested in submitting a piece, hit me up here and I'll let you know what's up! Meanwhile, enjoy more sketches and warmups at Lead Rocket...

- Dayne "Romidion" Henry


  1. Updates!

    Caught on to your freaking amazing work just at the beginning of your recent hiatus. Dig EVERYTHING you post. Seriously excited to see more fresh sketches, or as in this case, revamped goodies.


    And, umm, any word on Ms. Nitro?

  2. Thanks Anonymous person! Really appreciate the comments. I shall post more stuff my friend, and as for Ms. Nitro, she's gonna make an appearance soon...


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