It's been about 2 1/2 years... but I got some new stuff to put up!!! I haven't had the time to put anything up, and for that I apologize. I've been working, planning my wedding to the love of my life, paying bills... you know, being an adult. All the work is worth it, though. You get to see yourself grow, become more responsible, more confident... all the stuff that you thought IMPOSSIBLE while in high school and a few years beyond.

Anyways, I've returned with some new stuff. The pieces shown are all still works in progress, and will be finished in the coming weeks. I have TONS of new stuff to show you guys, but I gotta wait till I have the nod of approval.

Hope you guys enjoy... Be on the lookout for new stuff!!!

And in the meantime, if you're significant other is doin' some holiday baking, or needs something new to read, check out my girl's blog: sugeeandersyn.blogspot.com

Be back soon with some more MADNESS!!!

- Dayne


  1. diggin it so far! looking forward to seeing the finals.

  2. those look real nice babe, i liked the way you laid them out. and thanks for the shout-out, you rock too much! :)

  3. good stuff!
    still hoping to see that Nancy Nitro!

  4. Very unique, the bottom piece really got my attention I'm a fan of that sort of set up and style!


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