It all starts with a Sketch...

Just thought you guys would like to see the sketches for the 3 recent posters I've created. Everything I do starts with a sketch. Something about the pencil to paper... that feeling just takes it back. I still use the computer to finalize

everything, the possibilities are just endless, as far as creating goes. All of it works together for the greater good in the end, which is all that matters.

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By the way... the Blink 182 Bethlehem, PA posters are available right now... be sure to snag one!


BLINK-182 Official Bethlehem, PA Show Poster Available Soon!

Official Blink-182 Bethlehem, PA Show Poster September 12, 2013

By: "Romidion" Dayne Henry Jr

Size: 18 x 24  inches
6 color silkscreen on White Stock
Signed and numbered by Artist
Very Limited Edition of 50


The Pixies September 11th 2013, El Rey Theatre Show Poster

Another one I did for the Pixies! You can pick this up at My Store

Special Thanks to Inside the Rock Poster Frame for the shout out and support!

- Dayne "Romidion" Henry


Hey everyone!

It's been a while since i've posted... I've been very busy with some great projects. It's been a real honor to work on these, and i'm thankful to all who purchased these prints! I will definitely keep everyone posted on upcoming stuff.

If you'd like to purchase anything, check out My Store

Just a heads up, these Blink Posters are almost out! Grab one while you can...

- Dayne