Morning Randomness


What's up everyone! Just did a little quick one to get the day started... Done in a sketchbook with a 0.5 lead. This piece is probably one I'll develope a little further, we shall see :D Check out more randomness here. Peace!


"The Battle for Romidion" Update...


It's been about, oh, A YEAR sicne I've even looked at this piece, but I've always liked it... it MUST be finished!!! I'm gonna finish this one soon, I feel bad neglecting it. It never did anything wrong to me to make me treat it this way... anyways, this piece will be submitted into the Porta Illustratus Art Show at Attraction Industries... I should have some more information about the gallery and submissions, etc. So if you're interested in submitting a piece, hit me up here and I'll let you know what's up! Meanwhile, enjoy more sketches and warmups at Lead Rocket...

- Dayne "Romidion" Henry


Morning Warmups


A couple of warmups before I get my day started... you can also see some more stuff at Lead Rocket HERE, featuring Dennis "The D" Salvatier and myself.

Also check out Sugee's page for some more good stuff :)




I'm on it now people! So follow me HERE my friends and get the lastest updates n all that good stuff. Thanks for the support!! And check out a glimpse of the new piece I'm workin on... I'll keep postin' up the progress... Peace!

- Dayne "Romidion" Henry

Mo Moleskine Sketchies


Hey guys, here's some more of the moleskine sketches of my new character... whose details will be revealed at the right time! For right now enjoy the sketch. There's more coming your way! Also, you can check out some more sketch madness from the awesome Lead Rocket Duo Here...

And for some other cool stuff to check out (jewelry for the ladies and a cool blog!) Ms Sugee Andersyn here.


Sketch Bunny warm up


This bunny is the Mascot for SKETCH NITES over at the place where I work. He's always got on his headphones, and some markers and pencils and paintbrushes... ready to NOT pay attention to the people around him and stay in the zone. And if people start bugging him, he's been known to karatisize them, then draw a big FAIL right on their forehead. I will post the final of this soon... enjoy it!!

- Dayne "Romidion" Henry


Moleskine Sketch Warmup


Hello everyone. It's been a long time. I shouldn't have left you... you know the rest. Here's a glimpse of some sketchy goodness for the day... you guys should also check out http://leadrocket.blogspot.com for some more goodness!!

Anyways, I shall be posting some more stuff. Promise.

- Romidion